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+BONUS! By signing up to be notified, you’ll also receive:

  • Vin’s legendary “How to make money online” webinar for free (normally $199!) +
  • The chance to win a year’s FREE mentoring from Vin + other goodies!

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Who is Vin Clancy, the author of the forthcoming book, and creator of this competition?

Growth hacking’s “enfant terrible”, Vin Clancy is one of the most infamous marketers in the world, known for his cutting-edge growth hacks and genius business ideas.

He founded the online magazines Planetivy.com & screenrobot.com, which received nearly 20 million page views in their first two years with zero marketing spend raising two rounds of funding and getting into the “TechStars” accelerator, while content he has overseen for other clients has received over 150 million page views so far.

His first growth hacking book raised over $100,000 in pre-orders (and almost $200k overall), which he supported with a 100-date speaking tour in ten countries around the world. He has spoken in nearly 40 different cities in ten different countries. His “growth hacking in real time” talk was voted best talk at SXSW V2V in Las Vegas.

His audience across all channels totals nearly half a million followers, and he’s been featured in publications like Fortune, Buzzfeed, The Daily Telegraph, The New Statesman, Inc., and many more.

He infamously put on “The world’s biggest live tribute to Harambe the Gorilla” which featured a live Gorilla in a casket. It was loved by Vice but hated by Wired.

He runs one of the biggest growth hacking Facebook groups in the world, Traffic and Copy, which has over 10,000 highly engaged members, high daily engagement and contributions from thousands of entrepreneurs.

This book will be his ultimate curation of the ENTIRE growth hacking and internet marketing industries.